How many times do I hear myself say, "where is that big orange binder?" or "has anyone seen that big orange binder?" The big orange binder has been accumulating recipes, kinspiration & original recipe cards tucked into plastic sleeves for my entire-almost-forty year existence. "The Big Orange Binder" is an organization attempt. It's a recipe with a story neatly packaged in a place where I'll always be able to find the ever-elusive . . . Big Orange Binder.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

For the record . . .

I do make a few things that they like.  I polled them just to put it in writing.

Big:  stuffed shells, chicken enchilada casserole, BBQ chicken & BLPB sandwiches
Middle:  lasagna cupcakes, steaks, shepard's pie, sloppy joes
Little:  pizza, pizza balls, french bread pizza, spaghetti
Mimi:  spaghetti, steaks, chicken cordon blue, chili with baby shells

Other top contenders:
taco night, wienie roast on the open fire, hot sandwiches, flying saucers, CNS and potato soup

Monday, August 3, 2015

Butter Cracker Chicken

Ritz or Townhouse for the best chicken ever . . . .

* Coat chicken in beaten eggs (I use 3 eggs for our family of 6 but you'll have to change things up for how much your family eats)
* Crush a bunch of crackers.   Add garlic salt, pepper or Italian seasoning to taste.  (Or dry ranch dressing for a different Wednesday night)
* Drag the egg-y chicken through the cracker crumbs and put in a baking dish
* Cube up 1 stick of butter (into cheese-sized cubes) and scatter around the dish
* Bake @ 375 for 40 minutes (for large breasts) or about 20 for tenderloin strips

Variations by mom . . . .
* I said Italian seasoning above
* Ranch dressing, dry packets also change things up bit
* Try this with smashed up goldfish crackers instead of Ritz . . . or use both for fun.   I've done this with red goldfish for kindergarten 'red day' and have done it w/ red and green for holidays . . . .

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ham Spiral in a Meatloaf

Note:  very altered from original given our family preferences for meat -- 

2 lbs of ground beef (read: turkey) 
2 eggs
½ cup tomato sauce (read: ketchup)
¾ cup bread crumbs 
¼ grated parm 
garlic (read: not)
italian seasoning (or parsley and oregano)
ham -- sliced 
mozzarella (or provolone) 

Oven to 350 
Use your super brave 7 year old meat handler (aka: Teyter) to mix everything above except the ham and sliced cheese.  Form the meaty mass into a rectangle.   Layer the ham over it.  Layer the cheese over that.  Then, carefully roll it up like cinnamon rolls so you end up with a meat roll.  Put it in a pan, seam side down & bake for 60-ish minutes. 

Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin

2 lb pork tenderloin or  2 x 1 lb chunks to bottom of slow cooker
add 1 pkg of onion soup mix
add 1 cup of water
add ¾ cup of red wine
add 3 tbsp of soy sauce
add 3 tbsp of minced garlic  (we leave this out!)
add black pepper
turn the meat to cover

low x 4 hours

give credit where credit is due: