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Monday, June 4, 2012

French Dips a la Crock Pot

Homestead is on a recipe kick.  I am too, kind-of.  Cooler weather always makes it so.  Add to that the pure necessity of navigating busy school nights and planning a menu and laying out a successful shopping trip are part of my personal recipe for success.    Anyway, make this:

French Dips a la Crock Pot 

A hunk of meat . . . whatever you like.  It can just about be any cut.  A cheap-ass one will do, since you're gonna all but make it melt away by crock potting it all stinkin' day.  I just did this with a $6 top roast.  I like them small because I hate (yes HATE) leftovers.

So, into the crock pot goes:  The hunk of meat, a beer (make it dark . . . Guinness, Newcastle or something equally revolting), a couple cups of water and a packet of onion soup mix.   Cook it on low for 6-8 hours.

Pick up a loaf of french bread.  I trench out the middle, slice or pull the meat apart & top it with provolone. Throw the whole loaf in the oven and broil it just long enough to soften the bread and brown the cheese. Cut it into hunks & serve it up.   Use the cooking sauce as au jus.

For a dinner with, ack, beef . . . it's pretty good :)

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