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Monday, June 4, 2012

Flying Saucers

Cuisenart Griddler.

Yes, I REALLY love my Cuisenart Griddler.  I was hunting for something like this and actually purchased a knock-off at Target, when my deal-seeking-diva-girlfriend texted me to say, 
"this looks like a better deal."  


This model normally sells at Williams Sonoma for $185.  
Williams Sonoma currently has it on sale for $99. 
She found it at Costco for $69.99. 


I took the Target floor model back and bought this guy. 

Since we bought him, he's been SO popular that he actually lives on the counter.  
Insert ** GASP **  here because I'm a complete counter nazi.  

We've made all kinds of lovely hot sandwiches and paninis.  The plates are reversible and pop right out for easy cleaning.  It also lays flat, so it replaced the old dinosaur griddle that we make pancakes on.  We got that for a wedding gift, so it should be about shot.  It kicked our standard mexican night up by about six notches with a home-grown version of Taco Bell's Crunch wrap supreme . . . 

In photos for Homestead's  benefit . . . 

Too bad I don't have a picture of the finished version.  It was into someone's mouth too fast.  It had perfect grill marks, melty cheese and was just plain delish.  De-lish!!

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